Why are we obsessed by beauty?

Beauty. A concept, notion, idea, we're bombarded with constantly.

Diving straight into the topic, science came up; the internal chemical fireworks that kick off when surrounded by beautiful things and people are completely natural, suggested one guest. Then came ideas on objective versus subjective beauty. Yes, something can be objectively beautiful, but on second glance, maybe another wave exists? A nice example - take identical twins. On the surface, indistinguishable, on reflection, you see differences - both good and bad.

Conformity also came up, a theme synonymous with objective beauty. If we conform to the status quo do we become beautiful?

Counter that. If all over the world different rules exist - West, tan is king. Asia, fairer the better - doesn't the whole objective idea become subjective again?

And yet, take architecture, where 'beautiful" buildings stand the test of time, perhaps there are indeed minimal standards that check the beauty box.

Either way, as one guest nicely quoted Van Morrison, you dont need to ask why, sometimes "it just is."

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