Why are we here?

With big questions come big ideas. Ideas which end up spanning the globe (three continents to be precise, from Detroit to Singapore).

Moving on to tackle the elephant in the room, admittedly not a question we ask ourselves everyday, saw two main interpretations. ‘Why are we (as a society) here?’ versus ‘Why are we (as in I) here?’ While the first saw consensus around themes of pro-creation and Darwinian circles of life, it was the second where the games began.

For some it was easy, as simple as being loved and loving others; the rest of our emotional repertoire being more easily understood than this one unifying, and at times severely lacking, emotion called "love". That’s said, if it really was love we were striving for, how could there be so much malice? Perhaps instead we're here to survive, learn, or think / care for the future? Maybe we need anger and all the bad stuff to highlight the benefits of the good? Other suggestions were beautifully candid and simple: "I don’t know why I’m here but since I am, I’ll make the most of it". Love it. 

Memories here. Thanks all for coming.


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