Whats the food industry's future?

Eleven hungry souls zoomed in from Seattle, Denver, London, Oxford, Fontainebleau and Tel Aviv to talk about a subject we all have deep personal experience with – food and the industry's future.

Unanimous agreement on finding new and creative ways to reduce food waste saw predictions around local community food sharing replacing eating out. In-store tech advising what to buy and when, plus smart fridges ordering just the right amount also came up as tech savvy suggestions.

The rise in ready-made & pre-measured delivered cooking kits alongside advocates of selling discounted, no-waste, ‘wonky’ fruit and veg could also be part of the future, suggested some. And then there's the expiration date debate. Are foods past said date actually ok to eat?  Apparently so - one major chain recently eliminated sell by dates asking customers to make their own assessment. If the food looks ok, buy it.

Lastly we went down the is the old going to become new again? road, hypothesising over less frequent shopping, locally grown food and more home deliveries.  And then came the V word. Will most people be vegan, and when we have meat, will it be a rare treat?

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Things that also came up

Book: The Future we Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis” by Christiana Figueres and  Tom Carnac

Pop-up: Fabulous 698

Food waste business: Olio and Odd Box


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