What will next year look like?

Although asking ‘What will next year look like?’ seems like an overly repeated question - being human, we continuously project into the future - when asked during an unparalleled period in history, no doubt we had some interesting discussion.

Pre-big discussion antics, our ice breaker set a welcoming tone, with responses to ‘What’s a great gift you’ve been given?’ showing it's thought that buys great gifts, not money. Whether a song written to a mother by a son, a book received at a pertinent time or a pack of masks prior to a health crisis (!), it’s reassuring to see seemingly small and inexpensive things make the difference.

Diving into our question, ideas were vast. Kicking off with having to have immunity passes, or Gen-Z taking over with our older generations in lock down, we also dabbled in the drastic way city vs countryside could change. The session’s global nature, with some being in San Francisco and Chicago made for interesting listening. The mention of political landscape in the likes of Michigan prioritising the economy of health, plus the potential outbreak of violence, put a fearful tone on the table for next year. Elsewhere, on the opposite side of our virtual table in Singapore, seeing how the city went back to ‘normal’ post lockdown saw one guest share expectations that nothing much would change. Other suggestions came up about personal growth and the reprioritisation of time towards other things such as family. The topic of environment and sustainability was also key. Perhaps discussions around swathes of New York becoming pedestrianised could actually come into effect, suggested one guest who works in the city. Suffice to say we definitely hope so.

Memories on our Instagram here. Thanks all for coming.


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