What stops us from making a change?

This was by far the "deepest" Salon so far, probably because the question involved direct self-reflection for an answer. Thankfully, the "what's your favourite pizza topping" ice breaker brought previously nervous Salon strangers closer together. The personal favourite was an individual's penchant for cold pizza, less so a topping favourite than an odd pizza eating quirk, but still, it made us all laugh.

Next came the serious stuff, and for those that weren't there in person, this post almost doesn't do this Salon justice; like when you take a picture of an awesome sunset and it always turns out crap. In sum, people were amazingly open, collectively acknowledging we care way too much what others (parents, friends, colleagues) think, and, cheesy as it sounds, it's ourselves holding us back. The cold pizza loving individual gave a ver interesting variation on this "what's holding me back is my lack of understanding in my own identity".

Big thank you to Shahnaz Gallery for hosting us. @Shahnazgallery - 25.09.2019


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