What makes a bystander?

Amid a global health pandemic we joined the virtual bandwagon to host our own online salon. The downside of not being able to see people in person came with the upside of salon guests spanning the globe. Our Zoom session played host to four countries.

As for the topic, interest turned to what drives us from being passive to active in a given situation, that tipping point so to speak. Rather than a general trait, perhaps we are bystanders with respect to some issues and not others. Could being a bystander be related to our value system? If we had past experiences making us more attune to certain situations, could this be the key to making us less of a bystander?

Alternatively perhaps the "bystander" trait is a function of your upbringing and sense of self. If part of what inhibits us from acting is how much we care what people think, could greater confidence lead to us being less of a watcher and more of a doer?


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