What is your life philosophy?

A big question that quite honestly, baffled most of us when trying to come up with an answer. Good thing we had a welcoming bunch open to figuring it out together.

Our brainstorm saw, not only different ways to interpret the question, but also non-judgemental differences of opinion. Some saw "what is your life philosophy" as exploring their raison d’être, others, took to identifying value systems and how it changes over time. Treat people with kindness, said one guest, have faith, said another. In cases where cultural backgrounds were strewn with struggle, striving for genuine happiness was key. Interestingly, others saw struggle, and/or its associated challenges, as a right of passage before achieving our state of deserved contentment.

It was also nice to see diversity in age, 18-50s in fact. Some guests candidly shared their ‘turning point’ moments. Others, enviably so, knew that pursuing their interests right from the get-go was a given. For others, a search for truth was key. Knowing who you are and who you want to be, rather than the image projected by others. What was evident throughout was how our views, values and philosophy change over time. We change how we think, what we value and who we want to be. As one guest nicely said it, they were searching for their truth, no-one else's.


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