What is religion for?

Religion - big topic, big ideas. We first sought to define what religion is - a spiritual thing, a God like figure, a defined belief system or perhaps a list of rules to come back to everyday?

When wrestling with the main question - what's religion "for" - first, for many it was/is to belong to and believe in something.  Wrapped by a community with shared values and, at times, protection.  Second, religion features expansive places, which raise collective consciousness.  Third, it answers key life questions and defines what is right and wrong.

One person wondered what is missing when you do not have religion in your life?  An intriguing answer was nature, which like religion, marks key life stages such as birth, marriage and especially death.  We ended wondering if religion needed innovation and whether its purpose during the past different is different to today.  Could entrepreneurs update perhaps dated practises, to ensure it connects with a modern era?

Thanks Pheonix Court for hosting us. 04.02.2020


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