What can we learn from Trump?

The outcome of a fifteen person session spanning nine cities across three continents and three generations left us on a conversation high. Instead of getting stuck in to political wrongs and rights, even the anti-Trumps and/or on-the-fencers gave takes on ‘What can we learn from Trump?’ we never thought of.

We can learn grit and determination from the man; failing to get the presidency in the 80s yet trying again, even when the bets were against him. He demonstrates that leadership matters and that unthinkable change can happen in a short space of time.  With the shock of impossible becoming possible it reminds us to have minds open to other ways of thinking, and make time to listen. Another theme, his communication style with his audience and how it’s redefining how the media interacts with its politicians. Trump’s adoption of social media and the like have caught many by surprise - frank and simple with little concern for the consequences. Is this authenticity and honesty at its best? Or is it at the expense of credibility lacking substance? Either way, whether friend or foe, something different always leaves space for new lessons to be learnt.

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Things that also came up

Book: The next 100 years' by George Friedman


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