What makes you feel alive and why?

This was another interesting session for two reasons.

First, when a guest's response to the "what's your favourite childhood TV program?" icebreaker included holding a TV aerial on their roof in India trying to catch the signal for better shows in Bangladesh, you quickly realise how fascinatingly different people’s backgrounds can be.

Secondly, in response to the Salon question, a succinct and collective brainstorm resulted in the following 5 Cs:

Connection - Charity - Challenge -Creation -Control

Connection - Feeling alive depends on how and who with you spend your time.

Charity - Giving to others gives us purpose.

Challenge - Being out our comfort zone makes us feel alive.

Creation - For the artistic and entrepreneurial among us creating things and projects is important.

Control - This was a labouring point where drugs and lack of control and escapism were mentioned. Are drugs substitutes to make us feel like we’re in control when ideally we'd achieve control when sober?


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