Is monogamy natural?

This one was a mind boggle, in a good way. Little did we know so many ideas could be had by questioning the question.

From what standpoint were we asking ‘Is monogamy natural’ - a biological, religious, or maybe cultural one?

When we say natural were we inferring it's a ‘good thing’?

If natural did imply "good", let us flag the many life examples of unnatural things (medicine) being classed as ‘good’ versus more natural things (disease) classed as ‘bad’, said one guest. Or take emotions, anger is natural yet being natural doesn’t make it good. If that's the case, perhaps despite monogamy's unnatural-"ness" it's quite effective in stopping people from getting hurt?

Other thoughts made parallels to the animal world, our bonobo roots steering us away from the monogamy is natural camp. Before the western world kicked off, when life was more simple, perhaps the requirement to have workers for your land placed lower important on monogamy being a pre-requisite to successful relationship. One clear theme was that there was no right answer, depending on what viewpoint, experience and identity those round the virtual table had, made way for a melting pot of intriguing ideas and food for thought.

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