How do we define art?

Hosted in a home (a salon first), surrounded by art, saw an interesting bunch of strangers attempting to define art. Cosied round a table, tea in one hand, and/or alcohol-free g&ts in the other, we came up with the following; can art be defined as a feeling irrespective of whether we think it's good or bad? while some hate women on stage smearing spaghetti on themselves (true story) others love it, and the simple result of reacting to something in front of us equals art.

Once up a time, objects defined as art implied it had a use case (Islamic art for example) but perhaps now the rule book is more open. Is art defined by the context in which it's presented to us - so long as there is a metaphorical or literal frame around it?. Perhaps this frame helps, or the blurb on the gallery's white painted wall helps. No doubt knowing where things come makes it easier to define.


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